Client Reviews

“I have now been working with StraTac’s team for nearly three years. As a local physician, my practice was very much in need of marketing assistance and, most importantly, a high-level and professional internet presence. I initially had no idea how weak, ineffective, and sometimes negative my online presence had become.

StaTac immediately improved my website to a first rate, easily navigable and attractive site. The site was instantly praised by my patients. Months later, I started hearing the phrases, “Your website is really fantastic” and “I found you through your website on the internet” from my new and established patients.

I was immediately very pleased with the ongoing marketing and awareness campaigns that StraTac developed for us through both traditional and digital marketing. Their sophisticated approach is a great fit for my practice. StraTac specifically worked with my online presence, hands-on marketing, and tweaking the flow and interaction to ensure a more positive experience for my patients.

The changes in patient experience brought on with the assistance of StraTac’s suggestions

clearly allowed me to provide patients with a much better experience. What I noticed most about the effects of StraTac’s improvements was the higher volume of patient-to-patient referrals and referrals from the internet and through the website

The coaching of the office staff has helped them become more patient-centric, and this has been noticed by the patients. The staff’s level of creativity and customer service has greatly improved.

StraTac’s ability to understand my brand’s needs and ability to produce results with very little oversight and intrusion have been impressive. StraTac’s staff is involved not only in marketing but also in coaching me as a practicing physician within the environment of a successful business. The entire team is committed to ensuring the success of my practice.

I am very, very pleased to have brought StraTac into my practice as part of our team and will continue to use them in the future.”

Dr. Don Hope

“As a small business with competing financial priorities, updating our website was routinely pushed to the bottom of our task list. Enter Virginia and the Strategic Tactical Marketing team. With their incredibly savvy guidance and in-depth knowledge, we were able to develop and rebrand who we are as a company and project the image of who our customers should see rather than what they thought they knew – all within our budget.

Virginia walked us through how to sharpen our capabilities and helped us refine our differentiators. She and her team took a daunting task and made it manageable. It truly was a partnership every step of the way. In the end we couldn’t be more excited with the final product.

We have a professional, polished presence that we are proud of, and one that has garnered positive feedback from our customers. We would highly recommend Strategic Marketing to anyone looking to create, refresh, or rebrand your online presence.”

Abbott on Call, Inc | aocinc.net

“My experience with STRATAC has been incredibly positive. Each person I’ve worked with has been extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant. I would recommend them to anyone, and I plan on continuing to collaborate with them on all my marketing/social media needs!”

Estie Briggs

“They proved vastly knowledgeable about all the necessary steps to get my fledgling business off to a great start.”

Lyndsey Benney

“Virginia is a person who has great skills and profound expertise in advanced business solutions. She was well respected in the industry and everyone loved working with her. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in Social & Digital Media execution. She showed a high level of graphic design, SEO, SEM, campaigning & technical skills and was a valuable contributor to various projects. Virginia Case worked far beyond the call of duty. I enjoyed working with her on the different projects we took on. She is a pleasure to work with and a true team player.”

Rachel Anna Adler

“Virginia and her team consistently go above and beyond expectations. Her knowledge and insight into what resonates most with the target customer have been invaluable. Virginia has been a great motivational and inspirational support, inspiring ideas and forcing me to look at things from a different perspective to increase my own skills as a marketer. She constantly delivers exceptional work for us with a cheerful smile, even with urgent deadlines and repeat tasks. As a colleague and client, I highly recommend Virginia and her team at StraTac.”

Joe Ariganello

Virginia Case and her team at StraTac Marketing did an outstanding job of rebranding Mortgage Builder after we were acquired by Constellation Mortgage Real Estate Group. They took the time to learn our business and philosophy and designed a brand that reflects our values. They brought in design elements from our parent company and created the perfect brand ambassador for us – Emby.

“StraTac designed and built a responsive website for MB and a new logo. We have received many compliments on our updated look. Our website is easier for our customers to use and includes more information so customers and prospects can learn more about what makes us different before having to pick up the phone.

After such a great response from our target audiences, we decided to keep StraTac on retainer to continue to support our on-going user experience, marketing, and sales efforts. We look forward to continuing our relationship with StraTac and highly recommend them for your business needs. We found that UXD is what we needed and it’s much more than just marketing.”

Stephen Ryczek | mortgagebuilder.com

“Virginia’s team is a powerhouse of output. They were able to rapidly come on board and integrate with our team, increasing our productivity and marketing material generation by nearly an order of magnitude in 6 months. Virginia, in particular, has strong strategic insight into messaging and positioning around brand and delivery. A great partner with great value.”

Chris White

“Virginia is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her creativity, drive and passion are traits that will continue to bring her successes in life. Any organization would be lucky to have Virginia as a part of their team.”

Beth Russell

“My marketing team has partnered with Virginia Case and the StraTac team since we began defining our original go to market strategy. Virginia has been an ideal partner and I have nothing but the highest praise to offer for her and her team. StraTac’s core capabilities stretch across virtually all marketing disciplines allowing me to rely on them for integrated and cohesive messaging, content, design, execution, and analytics in support of my marketing goals.

StraTac makes it a point to understand our target customers, their pain points, and their priorities and to engage with them in a manner that resonates. They also make it a point to understand the needs and priorities of my own internal team. Most importantly, they are incredibly dedicated, responsive, and efficient. Hiring StraTac isn’t about working with an agency, it’s more about extending your marketing team with a trusted partner. I highly recommend StraTac Marketing.”

Thom VanHorn

“Virginia and her team at Strategic Tactical Marketing are top notch. They redesigned our website. From beginning to launch, we received expert market analysis, affective SEO consulting, and they developed our industry specific content for the website, when we didn’t have the time to do it.

Their advice on competitive words brought us 30% more customers before the website was ever launched, that’s amazing! Our deadlines were met on time and of the quality of service and professionalism is what I would expect from a top Virginia marketing company like Strategic Tactical Marketing. We will use them again for all of our marketing needs, and so should you.”

Noah Graeme

“Virginia possesses the all-too-elusive “get-it” gene that is essential to all marketers. Her ability to intuitively connect with content requests, along with a very logical approach to building a marketing case using a mix of good old fashioned classical Greek rhetoric with modern psychology-based best practices a rare combo indeed.”

Dean Gill

“Virginia can energize a team. Her upbeat personality and extreme sense of urgency are truly infectious in the most positive sense of the word. She’s extremely intelligent, but also very eager to listen and learn. It was a pleasure having her on our marketing team, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future.”

John Hibel

“I’m constantly getting compliments on my website. I could not be happier with the results of working with Virginia. She walked me through the steps like she was taking care of her best friend. She really listened to my vision and worked with me to realize it! HIGHLY recommend!!”

Healthy Belly Coaching

“Virginia is truly an expert in what she does. She’s uber responsive, will always have an answer or know how to get one, and is an incredible team player. Her domain expertise is truly invaluable and I would highly recommend her services to help enable and boost your marketing efforts.”

Sadiq Khan

“Virginia’s expertise is extremely impressive. She was able to identify my businesses’ core problems very quickly and provide concrete solutions to fix them. In my opinion, what sets Virginia apart is her ability to zoom in and out of all areas, ranging from tactical details to brand strategy elements without skipping a beat. Very impressive. Because of her my business is on a better path forward.”

Travis Barron

“Virginia was a highly organized get things done Marketing person. I relied on Virginia heavily to support our group in managing our Strategic Customers. Highly recommended for any Marketing opening you have.”

Keith Warren

“Virginia is a get-things-done marketer who is creative, organized, and detail oriented. She is very social and gets to know the extended team very quickly. She is great at managing projects and campaigns, research, writing!!, Hubspot and Salesforce.com and working with the Sales team.”

Mark Clark

“Virginia is incredibly professional, very bright, a self-motivator, and her attention to details is beyond impressive. It took Virginia no time to get up to speed on the vertical and offerings. She would be an asset to any organization.”

Vanessa Provencher

“Besides being a joy to work with, Virginia is a take-charge marketing pro who thinks strategically, and excels at presenting complex ideas and communicating the benefits. On top of being an asset to our vertical marketing team, Virginia was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.

A skilled B2B copywriter, Virginia wrote effective modules for our web site, and assumed a leadership role in planning and executing go-to-market messaging and marketing activities. I highly recommend Virginia. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

Roland Alston

“Virginia is a diligent, results-oriented marketing professional with whom I enjoyed working. She developed several direct mail and email marketing campaigns at Wireless Matrix that were creative, thought-provoking and effective.

In addition to her expertise as a marketing professional, Virginia is skilled in various other areas, from being detail and deadline-oriented, to providing input during team meetings and helping the sales team with specific requests to improve their sales efforts. She is an effective writer, creative thinker and team player. She would be an asset to any marketing team.”

Carol Jacobson

“Virginia is a strategic, data-based marketer with an uncanny ability to hone in on buyer needs and then build strategies and programs to communicate meeting those needs. She is never afraid to speak up, often challenging ideas in an effort to put forward the best possible program….the result is always stellar.

All this, and she’s really fun to work with!

I strongly recommend Virginia. She adds a great deal to any team she joins. I hold her in extremely high regard.”

Zach Messler

“I have had the pleasure of working with Virginia during my tenure at my current job. Working with someone who can listen and really hear your ideas, take them back with her, and then come up with a strategy that works for you is an amazing attribute. She works well with all types of people and personalities.

Virginia makes things seem effortless when it comes to developing a strategy that is right for you and your company’s needs.There is no project too big for Virginia. She is timely and efficient when delivering on any request. I recommend Virginia to anyone needing help with any and all aspects of Marketing.”

Melanie Badillo

“Virginia’s work is truly exceptional; she listens to her clients needs and infuses her talent, enabling success. My developing business needed someone like her to take me to the next level. Due to her web-building skills and logo design, I now feel confident when presenting my business. She enabled me to go from a business to a brand and provides valuable marketing insight. Recommend her work to anyone.”

Elizabeth Wearin

“Virginia is a true pleasure to work with. Virginia strategized several marketing engagement for People Stretch Solutions. As a client, I especially value her excellent listening skills, attention to detail, and sense of urgency. Virginia is a fantastic communicator and highly experienced marketing professional.”

Gina Harris, PMP CSM

“Professional, personable, and hardworking. Virginia is a pleasure to work with. Her relationship based approach to business is refreshing and appreciated by all who interact with her.”

Matt Herb

“StraTac was a pleasure to work with when I decided to open my own Event Planning Company, Gracious Gatherings. Virginia’s knowledge of business acumen, career counseling, process and over all expertise was outstanding. I was thrilled with my site design, logo design, color design and a layout meant to grab people’s attention, was impressive to say the least.

I continue to be inspired to grow my business even during a pandemic with the support and guidance of StraTac and the wonderful customer service. I have received great customer support both during the project and after project delivery. The quality of StraTac Marketing’s work is amazing and I highly recommend them for all your business needs.”

Maria Stanton

“StraTac was a pleasure to work with when we decided to overhaul our website. Virginia’s knowledge of site design, wordplay, color design and a layout meant to grab people’s attention, was impressive to say the least . We published several job postings and many candidates said the website was impressive and motivated them to reach out.

The instructions we received when the website was handed over were clear and concise. We received great customer support both during the project and after project delivery. The quality of StraTac Marketing’s work is top-notch and I highly recommend them for your website needs.”

Legacy Scenic