Your Investment

When you choose to work with STRATAC, you will be gaining a partner that possesses the skills you need to improve how you go to market and how you are perceived.

When we are working with the c-suite, key members of our team will function as your fractional Chief Revenue Officer. Not familiar with the term? A “fractional” role is one of a senior executive who supports multiple companies for a fraction of the time, which means you pay a fraction of the cost for that expertise and talent.

Virginia Case

When we are working with the c-suite, key members of our team will function as your fractional Chief Revenue Officer. Not familiar with the term? A “fractional” role is one of a senior executive who supports multiple companies for a fraction of the time, which means you pay a fraction of the cost for that expertise and talent.

As your fractional CRO, you get:

  1. C-Level Parsed Insights
  2. Strategic Focus + Tactical Activities
  3. Sales and Marketing Experience
  4. Kool Aid-resistance
  5. Lead & Demand Generation
  6. Mentors/Coaches
C-Level Parsed Insights equals more actionable conversations and less “planning to plan”. Strategic Focus and Tactical Activities equals proactive and defined objectives and outcomes.

Sales and Marketing Experience equals a fully-aligned go to market philosophy. Kool Aid-resistance is our way of saying we maintain an external perspective and objectivity while gaining the benefits associated with insider information. Lead and Demand Generation equals sales coaching and marketing qualified leads. Mentors and coaches mean that we are happy to help you cultivate in-house talent, from the bottom to the top.

As your Outsourced In-House Team, you get:

  1. All the skills you need to go to market: writing, graphic design, web development, SEO
  2. Better, cheaper, and more flexible to fit your needs than employees with overhead
  3. Scale up or down with no extra training or spin up time
  4. Assigned senior-level account managers – no entry level POCs
  5. Transparent project management – web portal to view all tasks inflight
  6. No multi-vendor management – we can handle all marketing, sales, and martech vendors for you

When you work with us, you’re getting science-based, not feeling-based recommendations. We understand you may have never worked with a fractional CRO or with an agency – we’re ready to help you make the leap. And rest assured, you don’t have to have it all together to go to market with us. We all have things we can improve upon – perfect people and companies need not engage.

board room

Salaries, benefits and perks – oh my!

If you’re struggling to choose between hiring in-house talent or working with an agency, consider the following:

Employees are expensive and good ones are hard to keep. You have to consider:

  • Employee Fundamentals
    • Salaries
    • Benefits
    • Hiring Costs
    • Equipment
    • Software
    • PTO & Unexpected Leave
  • Diverse Skill Sets Needed
    • Design: $46,000 *
    • Web Design/Development: $63,000 *
    • Content Writer: $53,000 *
    • Marketing Projects Coordinator: $46,500 *
    • Marketing Manager: $106,000
      • That’s conservatively $314,500 + benefits
  • Unicorn Poaching
    • The one person who can do it all and that will be lured by others to leave you and work for them with a greater salary and better perks than you can offer.

What does it cost to work with STRATAC? Thanks for asking! We work with clients on retainer and our services range from $7,500 – $25,000 per month, depending on the scope of work. Ready to learn more? Let’s have a conversation.

our approach

Projects versus Retainer Work

The level of customer service you’ll receive is rare. We are incredibly responsive and professional. The research we provide is comprehensive. We help you make informed decisions taking into consideration your unique business, your industry and the customers you currently have and wish you had.

We are trustworthy.

We take a no B.S. approach – providing real feedback and realistic options for your go to market initiatives.

Everyone claims to have taste – and many do, but a few fail to realize when they don’t. That’s why we take a best practices approach – relying on design fundamentals that have been proven to attract attention and deliver a polished presentation. — Where would you rather live – pictures of bad houses.

Some might think being called predictable is a bad thing, but to us, it’s high praise. To us, being dependable is synonymous with being consistent – and we know that consistency is fundamental to being trustworthy and safe.

When you choose to work with us, you can depend on us being there to help – not only on the obvious things that are broken, but on the things that arise throughout our engagement. We are problem solvers – not maintainers. If you just want to tell someone what to do and default reply with “we’ve tried that and it failed”, we aren’t the right agency for you. If you want a team who brings expertise, intelligence, creativity and fact-based science and research – we are.

Why only 8? Our decision to remain small is in fact a decision. Our core team possesses all of the skills required to execute on traditional go to market activities. For skills that fall outside our focus areas, we depend on trusted and vetted strategic partnerships. We are not experts in everything – and that’s why we push questions and work to our STRATAC alliances. These individuals include fractional executives, solo professionals, and other agencies. Over time, we have built these relationships and the benefit of using people we already know is that we can work more efficiently and offer a broader range of services than other agencies.

I’m sure you’ve heard “Fast, Cheap, Good – pick 2” but with STRATAC, you don’t have to settle. Yes, there is always someone willing to work cheaper, but you’ll find that STRATAC works at a very competitive rate but delivers in a robust, sophisticated, and speedy way.

Integrity and perseverance is fundamental to our engagements. What we need from you – trust and respect. If your personal philosophy is “trust must be earned” – we recommend you look over our client testimonials to see how hard we have worked to earn our client’s trust. For us, we hope you’ll take a “trust AND verify” approach – let us show you what we know and can do for you.

Determining Fit

If you want to become a retainer client, you should know, the rules of engagement with STRATAC are different. You have to be willing to look at the whole picture. From staff, to signage, to product roadmap, to customer service – it all matters – and it all affects your bottom line. This is why we developed the Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Employee Engagement (SOME℠) Model and the STRATAC Method.

If you are looking for an agency to simply take direction and make something pretty, that’s not who we want to be.

We genuinely take pride in our work and we only take on clients who want to hear the science behind the “shiny objects”.


Most project clients we engage start with “Priority Whackamole” – where they need help with one item, but then they discover there may be more that is impacting their sales than just filling in the blank for whatever marketing service you need here.

For these clients we can help triage what’s negatively impacting the brand in the most substantial way first. We will break down the evidence available and analyze what we can help with to help you check that item off your list.

Also, we aren’t afraid to prove our value and earn your business as a potential retainer client.