Marketing Audits

Brand Messaging Audit:

This type of audit helps to determine whether you have a strong messaging that you can use to approach your target audiences.

Questions that will be answered:

  1. Is your messaging clear and consistent (not just images)?
  2. What are the gaps in your customer journey that need to be filled?
  3. Do you have sufficient top of funnel collateral?
  4. Have you covered your bases for collateral required in the buyer’s journey?
Virginia Case

The Process:

  • Research:
    • A comprehensive marketing evaluation of your key digital and word of mouth competitors.
  • Interview:
    • One-on-one interviews with the leadership of your organization and key employees.
    • Optional: interviews with key customers
  • Review Content:
    • Review of current reasons why people choose your business, products, or services over your competitors.
    • Review of perceived differentiators for your business and messaging that meets the desires of customers.
    • Aggregation of all “available” content and alignment with buyer’s journey
  • Recommendation:
    • List of content recommended to meet needs
    • Messaging that is resonating
    • Key values held by the prospect and that you possess

Questions we will continually ask:

  1. Is what you’re currently doing getting the results you want?
    1. Functionality
  2. Does what you’re sharing with prospects make sense to them?
    1. Communication
  3. Are you following marketing and usability “rules”?
    1. User Experience
  4. Are you being consistent?
    1. Repeat Process and Experience = Customer Trust
  5. Is it designed well?
    1. Aesthetics – Color, Shape, Pattern, Line, Texture, Visual weight, Balance, Scale, Proximity and Movement.
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    When we work with you, we will always prioritize functionality, clear communication, adherence to best practices, and consistency between channels (sales messaging, operations, advertising, marketing mix, leadership and vision). As your partner, we will also work to ensure that you like what we’re working on and that it is designed well for both aesthetics and usability.