Tactical Work


An effectively marketed company can be identified by the velocity of its growth. Good marketing campaigns will have specific intentions, followed by a defined series of activities on a variety of platforms and channels.
  • Word of Mouth: Encourage your current customers to become brand ambassadors through a planned Word of Mouth Campaign.
  • Referral: Discover what works. Get more from current customers and learn the best ways to approach your customers.
  • Offer-driven: Create an offer or drive sales by adjusting different pricing that creates time-sensitive attraction.
  • Survey/Giveaway: Gain invaluable feedback and reward your audience with interesting, value-centric offers and giveaways.
  • Altruistic: Use content curation to help highlight another business and promote awareness of both companies.
  • Partner: Double your exposure by partnering with another business to broaden your reach and increase your exposure.
Virginia Case

On-Page SEO

If you need customers to find you from search engine searches of keywords, we can help.

Our process takes an in-depth look at your website and Google Analytics. We will take care of the backend of the website and the front end content. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Existing Keyword Research
  • Keyword Density Analytics
  • Set Up of Title Tags and Meta Tags
  • Optimized Meta Descriptions
  • Set Up of H1 Tags and ALT Tags
  • Optimization of URL Structures​
  • Promotion of Internal Linking
  • Original, Effective & Keyword Reach Content

Off Page SEO

Driving traffic to your website takes a combination of analytics, implementation and active digital public relations outreach.

  • Search Engine Results Page Analysis for all keywords that could drive traffic to your website.
  • Lost link analysis
  • Directory Fixes
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum Engagement
  • External Link Building
    Digital Public Relations:
    • Classified Submissions
    • Press Release Submissions
    • Directory Submissions
    • Article Submissions
      Graphic Design
      • Traditional Design: logos, brochures, print/digital collateral
      • Web: User interface, website, user experience, and social media

        Social Media

        Why you should consider adding an active social media plan to your marketing.
        • Drive valuable traffic to your website Despite what you may initially believe based on your own social media habits, 8 in 10 people use social media and blogs.
        • Boost your website’s visibility on search engine result pages Web crawlers know which websites are consistently attracting traffic and which are dormant or unmaintained. Social traffic helps search engines see your activity and reward it with better placement on results pages.
        • Grow real relationships Interact with your customers in real time. See what they’re “liking” and doing. Learn from what they’re doing. Take that intel to build relationships with them.
        board room
        • Grow real relationships
          Interact with your customers in real time. See what they’re “liking” and doing. Learn from what they’re doing. Take that intel to build relationships with them.
        • Engage your customers
          Social networks aren’t typically viewed as marketing outlets and so customers may be more receptive to your messages if you can authentically engage with your audience.
        • Get noticed
          If you’re hosting an event, social media can be an inexpensive way to gain broader recognition.

        We can help with

        1. Strategic guidance: Receive a strategic plan for which channels to pursue and a content posting schedule.
        2. Content planning: Organize content generation, content curation and content sharing for each social channel.
        3. Branding clean-up: Work with us to revamp your existing social media and update all banners, images and more.
        4. Content creation: Our team can write new content for you, create perspectives on curated content and interact with your network for you.
        5. Unpaid advertising: Use social media advertising to gain a broader reach into your target demographic.
        6. Customer review generation: Grow your reputation online with new reviews using a proven process and a sustainable approach.
        7. Audience growth: Gain followers, build your network and attract your target customers and their influencers.
        8. Brand monitoring: Our team can track, analyze and report on how your brand is being perceived in the market.
        9. Training: Let us teach you or someone on your staff the best ways to use each social media channel for ROI.