Brand Strategy

The goal of branding is to successfully differentiate your business and/or product from the competition in a way that is memorable, for a good reason. Using cohesive imagery, messaging, and strategy, branding can help make you stay top of mind for your target customer. You already know that each person you touch with your brand isn’t ready to buy. The goal of branding is for you to have a memorable and compelling offer that makes people remember you when their need fits your offering.

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  • BUSINESS IDENTITIES | Creating a memorable imprint on your target’s mind. Carving out your place in the market with a unique position.
  • ​DIFFERENTIATORS | Differentiators help you explain the “why” to your customer. Why you? Why now? Why for that price? 
  • TAG LINES | Succinctly capturing who you are in a compelling soundbite. Tag lines are Promise, Action, or Advertising focused.
  • LOGOS | Logos should be memorable, different from the competition, and symbolic. These are the most important factors.
  • CAMPAIGNABLE IDEAS | Using consistency and “hooks” to stand out and cause your customer to recognize you in the marketplace.
  • SWOT ANALYSES | Applying the basics to compete outside of operations, battling on the digital and traditional fields for dominance.
​​How to know if you need rebranding:
  1. You don’t have an elevator speech that you or your staff can repeat with any consistency.
  2. All of your marketing collateral is different. It’s as though multiple people with varying tastes developed it.
  3. No one on your team can tell you why your customers should pick you instead of the competition.
  4. Your logo is meaningless or too abstract for anyone to understand.
  5. You don’t have a basic understanding of your competitions weaknesses that you can use to your advantage.
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Sales Assistance

If you’re looking for sales coaching in the traditional sense, this isn’t it. If your sales team has problems qualifying leads, missing sales goals or losing opportunities, we recommend you find a great Sales Coach. However, if your sales team is missing some core fundamentals on how to present your business to your prospects, we can help.

  • SALES PLAYBOOKS | Using key differentiators to describe your company’s offerings in a compelling and memorable way. ​
  • BRANDING GUIDELINES | Teaching your team how to keep consistency across all channels of communication with your customer. 
  • SALES COLLATERAL BUILD OUT | If everyone’s using their own unique deck for engaging with customers, you’ve got a problem we can solve.
  • ELEVATOR PITCHES | Does your sales team know how to pitch different customers based on their unique job functions and industries? 
  • CONFERENCE ASSISTANCE | Is your sales team green? Do you need some help with the basics of what to do at a conference? 
  • NETWORKING | People do business with people they like. Is your sales team likable? Do they know the right way to network?​
  • BUILDING THE FUNNEL | Need some help defining your funnel? Unsure how to attribute leads in your CRM? Need help with categorizing?
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION | Are you ready to take “drip” to the next level? Start automating your system with the right process. We can help.
  • CONSUMER DATA REPORTING | Do you know what’s happening in your customers’ industries? It affects the probability of them saying “yes”.
  • RESEARCH | Original research from customers and crowd sourced data gives you invaluable insight and a leading edge.
  • CONTENT SHARING | Need content to share on social media that’s compelling? Need to teach your team how to tee up a tweet?
  • COMPETITOR RESEARCH & RECON | Every day your competitors are changing. Are you keeping a pulse on what they’re doing?

Reputation Management

​If you’re looking to build your business, you need a digital reputation to help generate inbound leads. A solid reputation on the internet can help convert customers.

​Our work helps companies to monitor, defend and restore their reputation on the internet. Depending on the situation, you could benefit from either increased or decreased transparency.

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Marketing Audits

Have you been struggling to get a return on your marketing investments? Don’t know where you should be spending your time, money or energy? A marketing audit takes best practices and applies them against your previous marketing activities. We will analyze what you’re doing, compare it against industry standards and your competition to develop an actionable analysis that shows what’s working, what’s not and what you could be doing differently.

Before you spend any more on any more tactical marketing, take a step back to analyze what’s working, what’s not, and why. 

    SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT | Are you currently using social media? Do you feel like it’s a huge waste of time? Don’t know why your competition seems to be more active? Looking for ways to be more engaging? Social media and blogs are touched by 8:10 internet users. Even if you’re not sure your audience is using social media to buy, there’s an 80% chance that they are. 

    WEBSITE USER ANALYSIS | Do you know how people are interacting with your current website? Before you decide to add another archived newsletter or cut half of your copy to create more “white space” – let us analyze your users’ behaviors through Google Analytics and against your target demographic’s predicted behaviors. ​Let our usability experts ensure your content is working for you.

    COLLATERAL GAP ANALYSIS | They buyer’s journey is different for every business and the offerings of those businesses. Have you created top of funnel, mid funnel and bottom funnel content? Do you have something to engage a person throughout the sales cycle? If you’re struggling to find something to engage your customer, chances are you’ve got gaps. We can help you fill the gaps and repurpose existing content.

    WEBSITE KEYWORD AUDIT | Words matter, especially on the internet. While the idea of “less is more” has been a trend, Google and other search engines need enough information from you to be able to send the right people your way. Keywords and metadata are the way search engines choose between showing your website or your competitors. Are you using the right words to capture your audience?